About Us

Seduction disguised as a fragrance

Welcome to Submissive Perfume

Where elegance, seduction, and luxury collide. Established by 40+ year perfumest and the nose that created Amazing Grace, Tatyana Petrakov and her daughter Sofia Petrakov team up to create the Submissive fragrance line. Submissive is a spearheading independent fragrance house with a core mission to deliver exquisite, timeless, and superlative scents that truly defy the limits of what creation can do. Featuring the iconic Submissive fragrance line that bridges the gap between classic sensual zen and subtle modern zest, Submissive Perfume is an ever-evolving line operated by renowned industry experts – and one that has already left lasting impressions with their iconic, long-lasting fragrances that are beautifully displayed in one-of-a-kind signature bottles.

From first being blueprinted about 3+ years ago to now launching, Submissive Perfume has quickly gained traction in the world of luxury fragrance making. Operated by a mother-daughter duo with a collective history of business management and mastering the art of bold yet subtle fragrance compositions, Submissive Perfume is a brand initially fortified by a shared family dream that soon transformed into a reality with intense, infusing passion. Today, and even amid facing minor setbacks due to the Covid pandemic, Tatyana and Sofia have since spearheaded the pursuit of amplifying the fragrance-wearing experience with their invisible arts. Even more, using their innovations to remind their customers to truly soak in the simple joy of redefining a moment for themselves with each spray and savoring all the internal reflections that come with it.

Inspired by master perfumers and an innate desire to both conceptualize and create, Founders Tatyana and Sofia are exceptionally ardent about blending their wisdom, industry wins, and international network to generate brilliant scents that truly captivate the body and soul. Furthermore, do so all while ensuring you attain the most cordial and seamless shopping experience possible along the way. That said, come browse the Submissive collection to take self-adornment to new levels and keep a sharp eye out for new intrinsic drops as extensions release. In the end, Submissive Perfume was built on the basis of quality, is backed by over four decades of industry experience, and owners Tatyana and Sofia look forward to building an empowering, unified, and unprecedented community with you.